Snack'n'Go Eco-Friendly Snack Bag - Patchwork OrangeSnack'n'Go Patchwork 環保麵包袋 - 拼布橙

Taking plastic bags when buying breads from the local bakeries generates plastic waste. This will take hundreds of years for them to decompose! Now there is a smart and cool alternative – Eco-wraps of a Spanish company called Roll’eat. Perfectly sized for a sandwich or snack, and light enough to take with you anywhere. To eat any snack, anytime, anywhere.This is an environmental friendly wrap which avoids the use of plastic bags, and can also be used as a placemat.

‧ Size: 18 x 18 cm
‧ Material: 100% polyester
‧ Reusable, very easy to wipe clean (damp cloth)
‧ Machine washable 30ºc
‧ Impermeable
‧ BPA free certificate with heat resistant up to 90 degree Celsius.
‧ Inner TPU layer stain resistant (water and grease proof)
‧ Closing velcro stripe

Design in Barcelona

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每次買早餐麵包好浪費膠袋,又想實踐環保生活的話,誠意推介你用西班牙Roll’eat公司出產的Eco Wraps,袋形設計,簡單易用,是買小吃麵包必備之環保食物袋。你可以用Snack’n’Go系列的Wraps來包面包、三文治、雞蛋仔。它比食物盒更輕,更方便攜帶,不太佔袋的空間。用它帶早餐,飲茶打包點心,行山等都很方便環保。

‧ 尺寸:18 x 18 厘米
‧ 物料:100% polyester 聚酯
‧ 清洗容易,以濕布擦拭乾淨,或用碗碟清潔劑加清水簡單沖洗便可洗掉食物污漬。
‧ 可以攝氏30度機洗
‧ 防滲漏
‧ 不含BPA
‧ 內層TPU 防水、防污的柔軟物料 (歐盟認證,可直接接觸食物)
‧ 魔術貼封口設計

Design in Barcelona


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