Oatly Swedish Oat Drink - ChocolateOatly 瑞典朱古力燕麥奶

Volume: 1L

OATLY found in the early 1990s based on the Swedish research from Lund University.Their patented enzyme technology turns fiber rich oats into nutritional liquid food that easily to absorb into our body. A cup of oat drink (250ml) provides 1/3 β-glucan (1g) of recommended daily intake.

● Great tasting chocolate drink with no milk or soy: 100% Swedish oat

● Great to drink it both hot and cold, to breakfast or as a snack

● Rich in calcium and vitamins (D2, B2, B12)

● The cocoa that we source is UTZ certified to ensure it is subjected to sustainable farming

● Source of fibers and rich in unsaturated fats of the healthy kind

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OATLY 自1990年初成立,建基於隆德大學的瑞典研究利用專利酵素技術,將富含纖維的燕麥變成易於吸收的營養液體食物。毎杯250亳升燕麥奶,提供三份之一毎日所需攝取β-葡聚醣(1克)

● 美味可口朱古力飲料且不含牛奶或大豆:100% 瑞典燕麥

● 冷熱皆宜,當早餐或小食均可

● 含豐富鈣質及維生素(D2, B2, B12)

● 選用的可可,榮獲UTZ認證─保証令農業界可持續發展

● 含不飽和脂肪及纖維的來源


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