Nature's Charm - Vegan Coconut Matcha SauceNature's Charm - 纯素椰子抹茶醬

Weight : 200g

Nature’s Charm is an experience and the first coconut milk manufacturer in Thailand, which has a long history. All the products are Dairy free, Egg free, Soy free, Gluten free, Lactose free, Cholesterol free, Trans fat free, and no added preservatives.

Nature’s Charm vegan coconut matcha sauces are hormones free, anti-biotic free and cruelty free. Unlike the conventional dessert topping made with either milk or butter. It adds matcha powder inside the sauce, while the matcha powder is directly imported from japan. It enriched the matcha taste, texture while have a strong taste of coconut at the same time. Never miss out, if you are a coconut lover!

Usage: Spread on crackers, used in baking, heat it and then drizzle over ice cream and pancakes or add to any dairy free milk to make your own delicious vegan drink.


重量 : 200克

Nature’s Charm為泰國首間生產椰子奶的生產商,擁有多年經驗。所有的產品均不含乳製品、不含類蛋、不含豆類、無麩質、不含乳糖、不含膽固醇、不含反式脂肪、無添加防腐劑。

Nature’s Charm 的纯素椰子抹茶醬是不含激素及抗生素,有別於一般的焦糖醬。椰子抹茶醬加入椰子油代替牛奶及牛油。椰子抹茶醬加了抹茶粉令味道變得更為特別。抹茶粉是從日本直接入貨,味道十分正宗。抹茶醬入口感細滑,但乃感感受濃濃椰香味道。若喜愛椰子味道,不容錯過。



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