GreenVie Pizza Flavour Vegan Cheese Block GreenVie 薄餅味純素芝士 (磚)

Weight : 250g

Pizza lovers, this is specially created for you! The perfect topping for your pizza that will get you addicted to its rich aroma and meltability!
✔ GMO Free    Soya Free
Dairy Free    ✔ Lactose Free
Gluten Free  ✔ Palm Oil Free 
With Coconut Oil

- Semi hard
- Sweet pepper and paprika flavouring
- Rich aroma and easily melted


重量 : 250克

✔ 非基因改造    ✔ 無大豆
✔ 無蛋奶           ✔ 不含乳糖
✔ 無麩質           ✔ 不含棕櫚油 
✔ 椰子油製造

- 半硬芝士
- 香濃的甜椒及紅椒粉味道
- 香氣撲鼻,容易融化


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