Grab'n'Go Eco-Friendly Food Bag - Square GreyGrab'n'Go 便攜輕食袋 - 暗格灰

The inner layer of the Grab’n’Go eco-friendly food bag is made of BPA free TPU soft thin plastic, which is certified and tested by the European Union to have direct contact to food. Moreover, because it’s waterproof, it can be washed with a damp cloth or cleaned with detergent and water, and washed easily. It is easy to practice an environmentally friendly green life. It can be used to pack bread, salad or even fried noodles!

‧ Size:15 x H 28 cm
‧ Big Capacity (3 Liter)
‧ TPU plastic membrane as inner layer, BPA free and heat resistant up to 120 degree celcius. Food contact safe
‧ Completely leak proof, can carry food with juice and sauce
‧ You can roll the bag into different sizes
‧ Much easier to carry with the buckle design, can hang the bag on bagpack or anywhere you like
‧ Can be hand washed or machine washed

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‧ 尺寸:15 x 高 28 厘米
‧ 重量:65 - 75 克;大容量:3 Liter
‧ 內層為TPU薄膠,BPA Free, 耐熱達120度,可直接接觸食物
‧ 容量大,可放數個麵包
‧ 內層完全防水防漏,可放湯水或多汁食品,如冷麵,沙律等
‧ 透過捲動設計可隨意調教食物袋的大小
‧ 底部為圓形軟墊,具承托力


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