Elixir Pekoe Black TeaElixir - 白毫紅茶

Weight : 18g

Fresh tea leaves, infuser and stirrer combined in one stick.
It has an aerodynamic-perforated shape which ensures that the tea infuses evenly throughout the entire cup for a better taste.
Designed by non-absorbent material, no mess, no drips!
After add sugar or milk, stir with the tea stick instead of a spoon.
Compared to coffee, tea is naturally lower in caffeine
Elixir tea directly from growers in different parts of the world including China, India and Sri Lanka meeting the highest quality standards.

How to use:
1. Fill one cup (250ml) with boiled water (100 °C)
2. Remove the wrapper and infuse Elixir tea stick.
3. Add sugar or milk if you prefer, stir with the tea stick instead of a spoon and wait for 5 minutes.
4. Remove the tea stick and enjoy a delicious tea.


重量 : 18克


1. 先將250ml毫升的杯子注滿100度熱水
2. 拆去包裝並放入Elixir茶棒.
3. 可隨意以加入糖或牛奶,用茶棒代替勺子攪拌,等待5分鐘。.
4. 取出茶棒,即可享用。


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