Dragon Superfoods - Organic Virgin Coconut OilDragon Superfoods 有機初榨椰子油


Weight : 300ml

Dragon Superfoods Coconut Oil has the typical light aroma and flavour of tropical coconut. Pure, unrefined and extracted from the highest quality raw material, it is very suitable for cooking.

Origin: Bulgaria 

● 100% Organic 
 Non GMO
 Gluten Free
 Produced by cold pressing, nutrients and its functions can be retained.
 Extracted from 100% Natural fresh coconut meat.
● One of Nature's Healthiest Cooking Oils
● Rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides
● Dietary Supplement
● Zero trans fat and hydrogenated oils. No added additives.

Medium Chain Triglycerides can be easily absorbed, and so as to facilitate metabolism, lower the risk of heart diseases and improve obesity.

It has pleasant coconut flavour, can be used both for cooking (not suitable for high temperature cooking), cosmetic and makeup removal purposes. 

Extremely valuable as a cosmetic product, our oil deeply hydrates dry skin and hair, leaving them nourished, silky and velvety soft.


重量 : 300毫升

Dragon Superfoods 椰子油沒有經過太多處理程序(過濾、漂白及除味),也沒有經過化學處理,所以其健康價值相對比較來說就高很多,另外會有比較重的熱帶椰子的香味及味道。純正椰子油由優質原材炓提煉而成,非常適合低温煮食及美容用途。


● 純素 
● 100% 有機
● 非基因改造
● 不含麩質
● 冷壓提煉,可以有效保留其營養價值
● 100%純天然新鮮椰子肉榨取而成
● 最天然健康的煮食油之一
● 富含中鏈脂肪酸
● 營養補充品
● 不含反式脂肪,不含氫化脂肪及無添加劑




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