Dragon Superfoods - Organic Raw Turmeric PowderDragon Superfoods 有機薑黄粉


Weight : 150g

Turmeric powder is a famous ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine because of its curcumin content. A lot of medical research is focused on analysing its potential benefits for the immune system.
Dragon Superfoods Organic Raw Turmeric Powder is sun-dried on a bamboo mat for a period of 10-15 days.
Try it with savoury favourite smoothie for a new exotic taste.

Origin: India

● 100% Organic 
 GMO free 
 Gluten free
● anti-inflammatory and pain reducing characteristics

- Fight inflammation
- May slow / prevent blood clots
- Reduces depression symptoms
- Boost skin health (speed up wound healing, calming the pores to decrease acne)
- Act as Arthritis Drug
- Could treat and even prevent certain cancers (studies showed that curcumin is able to kill cancer cells and prevent it from growing)
- May help manage diabetes (lower glucose levels)
- Help reduce proliferation/growth of fat cells, in order to get rid of obesity
- Regulate cholesterol level
- As a natural pain reliever
- Aids in detoxification

Add to your tea, food (esp. fried rice), soup, smoothie and side dish.


重量 : 150克



● 純素 
● 100% 有機
● 非基因改造
● 不含麩質
● 蘊含超強天然抗氧化物
● 富含蛋白質、膳食纖維、維他命C、E、K及鈣、鎂、鋅、鉀、銅、鐵等礦物質
● 抗發炎症及止痛的功能

- 消炎及止痛作用,更被視為關節炎藥物,及預防心血管疾病。
- 防止血塊形成
- 減輕抑鬱症狀
- 促進皮膚健康(加快傷口癒合、平靜毛孔及減少痤瘡)
- 研究顯示薑黃素能夠殺死癌細胞並阻止癌細胞生長
- 降低血糖水平,有助於控制糖尿病
- 有助排毒及減少脂肪細胞的增長,幫助減肥
- 調節膽固醇

加入茶、食物 (特別是炒飯)、湯、沙冰及配菜等。

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