Beit Yitzhak - Wildberry Fruit Spread Beit Yitzhak - 野莓果醬


Weight : 235g

Beit Yitzhak Natural Products Company produced speciality foods since 1993. These delicious, healthy fruit spreads contain 100% fruit with no sugar added and capture the fresh fruit taste of the land. They contain no preservatives or colorings and are all kosher.

A delightful combination of all your favorite berries in one jar! Blueberries, Cherries, Raspberries, Blackberries, and Strawberries fill each jar -- sure to please the whole family.



重量 : 235毫升

Beit Yitzhak Natural Products公司自1993年以來一直生產特色卓越的果醬系列產品。 這些美味健康的水果醬含有100%的水果,不添加糖,保留當地的新鮮水果味道。 不含防腐劑或色素,是猶太潔食認證的產品。

將所有您喜歡的漿果放在一個瓶子裡的巧妙組合! 藍莓,櫻桃,覆盆子,黑莓和草莓填滿整個瓶子,可加水調配成美味的野莓果汁。


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