Beit Yitzhak - Fig Fruit SpreadBeit Yitzhak - 無花果果醬


Weight : 235ml

Beit Yitzhak Natural Products Company produced speciality foods since 1993. These delicious, healthy fruit spreads contain 100% fruit with no sugar added and capture the fresh fruit taste of the land. They contain no preservatives or colorings and are all kosher.

Enjoy this healthy spread bursting with flavor over cream cheese and crackers on or a tart. Contains fruit and seeds for unique taste and rich in fiber.



重量 : 235毫升

Beit Yitzhak Natural Products公司自1993年以來一直生產特色卓越的果醬系列產品。 這些美味健康的水果醬含有100%的水果,不添加糖,保留當地的新鮮水果味道。 不含防腐劑或色素,是猶太潔食認證的產品。

這種健康的果醬與奶油乳酪和薄脆餅乾或餡餅的味道非常搭配,並可加水調配成美味的百香果汁。 果醬含有獨特的口味和豐富的纖維,果肉和種子。


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