The brand Batata Greens' concept is to popularise vegetarianism.

To us, vegetarianism represents the respect and prevention of exploitation of all life. We value the importance of coexisting harmoniously with other animals.

Being born and raised in Hong Kong, the founder decided to lay the roots of Batata Greens in the same place he calls home.

How to effectively promote vegetarianism? This is Batata Greens primary focus. After much thought and consideration, we elected to become a supplier of vegetarian products. Steady development of vegetarianism is only achievable with the supply of healthy, reliable and reasonably price goods.

The Batata Greens mini-supermarket was then established in May 2014, a one stop shop to hundreds of different dried and frozen goods for customers to choose from.

Batata Greens has also partnered with many other companies to provide even easier access to vegetarian food to our customers.

Whether it is from a supermarket, a vegetarian store, a health food shop, our online partner, or our mini-supermarket, we guarantee that it will be easy for customers to find our products.