Frequently Asked Questions – About Veg eShop

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Frequently Asked Questions – About Veg eShop

Delivery Arrangement

How to calculate delivery fee?

HK$70 Delivery Fee

Free Delivery

Total spending <HK$500 on dried AND frozen food

Total spending ≥HK$500 on dried AND frozen food



Remark: Total spending is the amount of money you need to pay after deducting all the discount.

Cancel Order

All products purchased at Batata Greens eSHOP cannot be returned or exchanged. Exceptions for exchange will be allowed for defective products only. 
To cancel an order, the customer will be subjected to $75 Cancellation Fee by Paypal, Talful Limited and Batata Greens Veggie eSHOP is not responsible for this. 



Delivery time

Mon - Sat    9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. 

The order confirmation email has not been received the day after my placed order, what should I do?

You can contact our customer service department via email or hotline 2485 3423.


I have not yet received the delivery arrangement confirmation call from customer service department beyond 3 working days, what should I do?

You can contact our customer service department via email or hotline 2485 3423.


If the ordered product is out of stock and the spending amount fails to reach the free delivery requirement, we shall cancel the order and arrange refund to your credit card account within 10 working days. Customer is suggested to make a new order once again. We apologize if any inconvenience caused.


What to do when the product is lost or damaged during delivery?

If you do not receive your order or the products are found damaged when received, please contact our customer service department via email or hotline 2485 3423 to report the case and we will process your case and update you the status as soon as possible.


How do I know if it will ship to my address?

Delivery is only applicable to residential area only. At this stage, we regret that we do not deliver to Ma Wan, Lantau and all outlying islands. For details, please check with our customer service department.

Remark: The delivery staff will not wait for 15 minutes or longer for each shipment.


Can I change my delivery address upon order placed?

Under normal circumstances delivery address cannot be changed once order is placed.


What is the delivery arrangement under severe weather conditions?

The deliveries will be suspended under severe weather conditions, such as when black rainstorm signal is in effect or typhoon signal No.8 is hoisted. Our customer service will contact you asap to re-arrange for another time.


Exchange Service

Can I apply for an exchange or return?

At this stage, we regret that we do not provide this service.

Frequently Asked Questions – Others

My Account

How to create an account?

Click “Login / Account” on the top right corner on website main page ( Simply enter your name and a password, along with a valid email address to receive our latest news for registration. You will then receive an email with an activation link, click on it to complete the process for creating your account.


Why can’t I receive emails and purchase orders from Batata Greens?

The email address you provided in registration is our main way of communicating important messages to you. Please check your email settings and avoid mistakenly marking Batata Greens emails as spam mails. If you do not receive our emails, try checking your spam box or promotions box. If you would like to avoid this from happening, you can set our emails as non-spam.


Batata Greens Member Policy

How can I become Batata Greens member?

Basic Member – Single purchase up to HK$300 to become our member and enjoy member discount rate on your next purchase (Membership is permanent) 
VIP Member – Single purchase up to HK$2000 to become our VIP member and enjoy VIP member discount rate on your next purchase; Yearly purchase amount up to HK$3000 to maintain your VIP membership.  If yearly purchase amount is less than HK$3000, your VIP membership will be ineffective but remain as our ordinary member. ( The yearly purchase amount will be required by the next year of the VIP membership activated.  Yearly purchase amount shall be calculated from Jan 1st to Dec 31st.)

Please email your purchase receipt to to confirm requirement. You will receive a discount code from Batata Greens in 3 working days. Enter the discount code on every upcoming purchase to enjoy the member discount.


1. Above discount could not be applied on regular priced items.

2. In order to secure the member identity, each member can only register 1 email address with designated discount code during online purchase.

3. In case of any disputes, the decision of Batata Greens shall be final.


What if I am already a member of the Batata Greens supermarket, how can I log in and have the discount code of the vegetarian eShop?

Please email your membership’s registered name, contact number and email address to, we will confirm your member identity by a returned email with an applicable discount code. Please log in your account by a registered email, and enter the discount code to enjoy member discount every time during online purchase.


Gift Card

Any restrictions on the gift card?

Gift card can only be used in Batata Greens Vegetarian eShop, with an expiry period of 6-month. It can be used in 1 time, and the remaining balance will automatically be cancelled.












如顧客提出取消訂單要求,Paypal 將收取$75 的退貨費用,由顧客付款,大富有有限公司及甘薯葉素食eSHOP將不會負責。




星期一至六 9am - 6pm


請透過電郵或電話2485 3423聯絡客戶服務部。



透過電郵或電話2485 3423聯絡客戶服務部。




假如你的貨品派遞發生問題或收到貨品時發現損壞,請即透過電郵或致電2485 3423聯絡客戶服務部,我們會盡快跟進處理,將不便情況減至最低。



























單次購物滿$300,於下一次購物時開始享用會員購物優惠 (會員資格是永久的)





1. 以上優惠不適用於正價貨品。

2. 每個會員只可登記1個電郵地址及於訂購貨品時使用指定優惠碼,以確保會員的身份。

3. 如有任何爭議,甘薯葉保留最終決定權。