Dragon Superfoods - Organic Raw Cacao PowderDragon Superfoods 有機可可粉


Weight : 200g

Raw cacao powder is made from finely-milled high quality cacao beans with a natural dark chocolate taste. They are grown in South American farmer cooperatives supporting child-free labour and fair wages for the local communities.
It has the characteristic bitter-sweet taste and chocolate flavor. Differ from other cocoa products, the raw cocoa is dried and powdered through a chemical-free process, which preserves the beneficial nutrients (flavonoid and theobromine content) and flavor.
A boost for your daily smoothie and your good mood.

● 100% Organic 
 GMO free 
 Gluten free
● 40 times the Antioxidants of blueberries
● Highest plant- based source of Iron and Magnesium
● More calcium than cow milk
Great source of 4 scientifically bliss chemical- serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylethylamine (keep you feel happy)

- Maintain muscle and nerve function.
- Prevent Anaemia.
- Enhance your mood, keep you feel happy!

Add 2 teaspoons to brew up a chocolate milk with plant based milk, whizz into smoothies, bake a brownie and add into any recipes in your favourites.

【Cacao Banana Smoothie】
– 1 Tbsp raw cacao powder
– 2 Tbsp chia seeds
– 2 Bananas (small)
– 1 Cup fresh organic Strawberries, trimmed
– 1 Cup plain Almond Milk
Blend on high for 30 seconds or until the smoothie is creamy


重量 : 200克

天然純正黑朱古力的味道 - 苦甜香味。
有別於其他可可產品,因為不經化學處理及烘焙,充分保留了最佳營養價值 (天然抗氧化物、生物類黃酮及可可鹼) 及味道。

●  純素 
● 100% 有機
● 非基因改造
● 不含麩質
● 比藍莓多40倍的天然抗氧化物
● 是含最多鐵及鎂的植物
● 含血清素,色氨酸,酪氨酸和苯乙胺

- 含硬脂酸,能降低血液中的膽固醇。
- 保持肌肉及神經功能。
- 強大的天然抗氧化物及抗衰老,預防心血管疾病。
- 鐵含量高,能預防貧血。
- 改善心情,令人保持愉快心情。


– 1 Tbsp 有機生可可粉
– 2 Tbsp 奇亞籽
– 2 細香蕉
– 1杯新鮮有機草莓,切碎
– 1杯純杏仁奶


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