Chia Seeds美味田-鼠尾草籽 (奇亞籽)

Weight : 300g

100% Natural superfood from Argentina, South America

● High in Quality Protein
● Omega-3 & Omega-6 ● Vitamin B complex
● Contains significant amounts of minerals, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, etc
● Free from impurities and harmful additives or ingredients.
● No added artificial flavour, preservative, artificial color and chemicals
● Free from contamination of toxins, pesticide residues and metals 
● Recommended daily consumption of 2 g Omega-3 (15 g chia seed) is suggested by American Heart Association
● One of the best sources of fiber in the world
● Rich in antioxidants, more antioxidants than blueberries to protect cells.

1. Add 15 g chia seed into 250cc water and mix well, drink after 5-15 mins (3-5 mins for warm/hot water; 10-15 mins for cold water).
2. Mix with beverages, e.g. juice, milk, plant based milk, soy milk, yogurt, etc.
3. Mix with cereals, corn flakes, granola and muesli, etc.


重量 : 300克

● 20%完整蛋白質
● 含健康飽和脂肪酸Omega-3與Omega-6
● 維生素B群及鈣、鐵、鎂、鋅、硒、鉻等礦物質
● 專業篩洗程序清洗雜質及枯籽,純淨度高達99.9%
● 保證無添加人工香料、無防腐劑、無人工色素、無化學添加物等四大保證
● 第三方認證合格,無黃麴毒素、無農藥殘留、無重金屬汙染
● 美國心臟協會建議:每天2克Omega-3的攝取量,相等於15克奇亞籽
● 豐富的膳食纖維,有效增強飽腹感,促進腸道蠕動,預防便秘。
● 含多種抗氧化元素,天然抗氧化能力更是藍莓的四倍。

2. 加入任何飲品,如果汁、牛奶、乳酪、豆漿
3. 加入穀類、麥片等混合沖泡

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