Oatly Swedish Oat Drink - BaristaOatly 瑞典咖啡師燕麥奶

Volume: 1L

OATLY found in the early 1990s based on the Swedish research from Lund University.Their patented enzyme technology turns fiber rich oats into nutritional liquid food that easily to absorb into our body. A cup of oat drink (250ml) provides 1/3 β-glucan (1g) of recommended daily intake.

● Our rising star, a foamableoat drink: 100% Swedish oat

● Makes tasty creamy (but no heavy) naturally sweet (but not overly sweet) plant based oat lattes, cappuccino etc

● Developed for Baristas… and Non-Baristas too

● No added sugar, only natural sugars from oats

● 3% fat, rich in unsaturated fats of the healthy kind

● Healthy and sustainable for our planet



OATLY 自1990年初成立,建基於隆德大學的瑞典研究利用專利酵素技術,將富含纖維的燕麥變成易於吸收的營養液體食物。毎杯250亳升燕麥奶,提供三份之一毎日所需攝取β-葡聚醣(1克)

● 明白之星─可用作發泡的燕麥飲料:100% 瑞典燕麥

● 可用作沖調一杯口感順滑、味道天然及甜味適中的燕麥拿鐵或意大利咖啡

● 適合任何人使用,容易控制泡沫密度及發泡,讓您輕鬆展示拿鐵藝術技巧

● 無添加糖,全天然糖份來自燕麥

● 3%脂肪,富含不飽和脂肪

● 令地球健康及可持續發展

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