Stainless Steel Straw不鏽鋼飲管

Stainless Steel Straw
- With natural wheat box and cleaning brush
- Made of high quality stainless steel, healthy, eco-friendly and responsible choice. Strong and durable.
- Reusable, perfect for cold and warm drinks. To prevent injury, please let hot drinks cool a bit before using the straw.
- Korean style, handy, classy and elegant
- Included is also a straw cleaner bristle wand: washable, dishwasher safe, NON-TOXIC
- Non-plastic or glass - UNbreakable!
- Great for family, travel, party favors - even spice up a dinner party or cocktail party.

Cleaning instructions
- Rinse with water and clean with our straw brush after use. Air dry!
- Before first use, vinegar or detergent may be used for cleaning.
- May be disinfected by boiling water. Please be careful when retrieving afterwards.
- Do not place inside oven to prevent change in shape or color from high heat.
- Please do not use steel wool or other harsh cleaning supplies to avoid damaging the straw's surface.

Wheat Straw Box
- Natural organic wheat straw material, hot forming, showing natural color.
- Adopt environmental friendly compressed rice husk material, do not dip oil and easy to clean.
- Handle design, portable and beautiful, no need to waste much time to flatten it, so convenient it is.
- Suitable temperature: -20℃ ~ 120℃
- Can be placed in the microwave.

Fixed-price item
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● 包括環保小麥餐盒及清潔刷子
● 採用優質不銹鋼健康環保,經久耐用
● 適合享用冰飲及溫飲,為避免燙傷,熱飲請放涼至適應溫度才使用
● 韓式風格造型美觀典雅大方款式高貴
● 配專屬清潔刷子:易清洗、耐高溫消毒等


 溫度可承受 -20度至120度,可微波爐加熱


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